Cognitive Effects of Marijuana Use: Seeing Through the Smoke

CE Credit: 1.5

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Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Using current research results, this presentation at the 2017 CPA convention explored the impact of cannabis use, including the compelling evidence for cognitive deficits secondary to chronic cannabis use, particularly in relation to use at an earlier age of use and greater frequency of use over time.  The equivocal findings in adult-onset chronic cannabis are discussed, including studies that show small effects and others that show none, and the possible causes of such discrepancies.

Dr. Rayna Hirst is an assistant professor and Director of Neuropsychology at Palo Alto University. Her research focuses on the cognitive effects of chronic marijuana use, as well as factors that contribute to improved methodological rigor and the valid assessment of this population. Other research interests include the effects of health behaviors on cognitive functioning across the lifespan, including sport-related concussion and aging.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the effects of early cannabis use as demonstrated by research
  • Discuss current research related to the impact of continuing and frequent use of cannabis following early onset of its use
  • Discuss the possible reasons for discrepancies in the research on the effects of the adult use of cannabis.

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California Psychological Association